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Disolution of Marriage

Divorce can be a difficult and traumatic situation in anyone’s life. It is usually a time of confusion and mixed feelings. Do not think with your heart and allow an expert to think rationally for you. The determinations and decisions you make at this point, can affect your future and the future of your family. At our firm, we focus in helping you through this difficult time with easy and brevity.

We work to identify your goals, emotionally and financially, and help you achieve them with the best interest of your family in mind. We help you trace a plan to guide you through the process and achieve a set plan in terms of division of assets, alimony, child support or child custody. Whether it’s through court proceedings or mediation, we understand the importance of finding a peaceful resolution, especially with issues involving time sharing agreements. We work hard to earn your trust and respect.

A divorce is a difficult situation; it is more delicate when children are involved. It is important to have a knowledgeable and conscientious legal counsel to ensure your rights as a parent and the best interest of your children are protected. We take our time to ensure you understand the legal process and your rights and work diligently to resolve the situation in a legal and timely manner. We encourage negotiation among the parties and work towards the best and most amicable resolution. When negotiation is not an option, we become zealous advocates of our client – but always making the best interest of your children our first priority.

Our attorneys focus on the individuality of each case to bring our client the best legal outcome in his or her case. You can rely on our effective presentation in areas such as simple divorces, contested divorces, child custody, child support, and marital assets. Feel free to contact Hernandez & Suarez P.L. at 305 557-4305 or for the professional and accessible representation you need.


Time Sharing / Parenting Plans

The law regarding child custody and child visitations were amended in October 2008 and thereafter and now the law is more tailored towards more time shared between of both parents with the children and a more collaborative relationship of the divorcing parties with the children. We maintain our knowledge up to date and we are completely aware of these changes and we have prepared ourselves to give you the most up to date legal advice and guidance through your case.

Although the statute has been changed to be more liberal in giving both parents more equal access to the children, it does not state that the child or children must spend half the time with each parent. Some judges have tried to move closer to allowing both parents to share equal time with the children, when possible, but it is not mandatory. Again, the situation of the parents and the best interest of the child is always carefully analyzed on each individual case to determine the best time sharing schedule for that family. The time sharing schedule also outlines sharing holidays and other important dates for the family, vacation periods, birthdays, etc.

Our attorneys make sure to maintain a balance between diligence and advocacy to ensure the best result possible in each individual case. We have represented moms and dads, wives and husbands either through a simple divorce or through a child custody issue. Each case has unique necessities and we focus on the individuality of each case for the best possible outcome.

You can rely on our effective presentation in areas such as simple divorces, contested divorces, child custody, child support, and marital assets. Feel free to contact Hernandez & Suarez P.L. at 305 557-4305 or for the professional and accessible representation you need.

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Child Support

Child Support comes into place the moment the parents separate. It does not matter if the parents were ever married or not. Once one moves out of the home, the parent who have the children less time has the obligation to pay child support to the other parent who have the children more time. Child support also applies even when the parents never lived together, if at the time the child is born the parents are no living together, the parent not with the child must pay child support.

Child Support calculations are based on statutory standards, not on what the parents think the other parent needs to pay. When the parents separate, they shall consult an attorney immediately to review their incomes and calculate the correct child support obligation to avoid having to pay back child support in the future.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in calculating child support and in explaining the intricacies of this process that seems so simple, but is not. Make sure you know what deductions can be applied when calculating your net income, make sure that the correct amount of health insurance and child care costs are added to the calculation, and more.

We offer the services you need with the expertise you need. Feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation at 305-557-4304 or email us your contact information at

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