If you are ever unable to care for yourself, appointing a pre-need guardian is the smartest choice


a court may appoint a person or a corporate entity as guardian to assist those who need it

When an individual cannot manage their personal, financial, and legal affairs, a court may appoint a person or a corporate entity as guardian to assist them. I can assist you in your appointing someone of your choice who you believe is trustworthy and skilled to have that power over your affairs, the affairs of your minor children, or incapacitated loved one when the need presents itself.



If ever you are unable to care for yourself, appointing a pre-need guardian is the smartest choice. If you do not appoint a pre-need guardian, the courts may appoint someone for you, but it may not be the person you would select if you had a choice. You and your assets need protection, and should you become unable to make legal decisions for yourself, you are going to want someone you trust to have that power.

Under the guardianship process, the court appoints a person or a corporate entity to manage your affairs. Any change to the guardianship is subject to the jurisdiction of the Court. Your guardian takes over your decision-making and manages your affairs, and we can help him/her on how to best perform their duties.

We can also help with:

  • Prepare the required annual report for the Court
  • Represent individuals, professional guardians and corporations
  • Represent clients who don’t want to be guardians


An illness, injury, or disability can make it difficult or impossible for someone to make decisions about his or her health care, money, living situation, or other personal matters. A guardianship is a legal proceeding in which a guardian is appointed to exercise the legal rights of an incapacitated person. Having to care for the needs of others can be a challenging. We are here to help and ensure that your time is spent with your loved one, instead of trying to navigate the complexities of a guardianship appointment process on your own.

Guardianships are usually filed for adults. However, Florida law requires that a guardian be appointed when a minor’s parents die or become incapacitated or if a child receives an inheritance or proceeds from a lawsuit or insurance policy exceeding $15,000.

Parents, designate a preneed guardian for their children and avoid appointment of someone who may not be their first choice.



If you are a parent of a child with disabilities, it is important that you begin guardianships proceedings shortly before he or she legally becomes an adult.  An 18-year-old is an adult under the eyes of the law and presumed to be able to handle their affairs unless a legal proceeding gives some or all the responsibility for him or her to a parent or guardian. This means you will not be able to make medical or financial decisions for them until you are appointed guardian. We can help guide you through this transition process to ensure that your child needs are always meet.

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